Confusion to Confidence Coaching

Self-improvement is a lifelong journey. Begin with a single step by choosing one of the following courses.

Confusion to Confidence in 30 Days is for you if:

  • You know what your next step is, you just haven’t taken it yet due to fear, worry, etc.
  • You’ve begun the inner work of self-improvement but have hit a road block.
  • You’re aware of the changes you need to make but lack the motivation to do so.

Confusion to Confidence in 60 Days is for you if:

  • You’re stuck between knowing what you want and doubting how you’ll get there.
  • You dread “starting over” but you’ve considered or shared some preliminary plans.
  • You’ve given up on yourself in the past but believe in living a life that’s authentic.

Confusion to Confidence in 90 Days is for you if:

  • You’ve had a recent life change that woke you up to the disappointment of your daily life.
  • You want more for yourself and have decided to follow your deepest dreams.
  • You’re ready to commit to a complete shift in your inner and outer world that aligns to the true you.

What to Expect When You Work with Me

You will have 1:1 private access to me as your life coach during the time period you choose. You’re guaranteed my undivided attention as I offer empathy, advice, encouragement, and action steps towards your goals. You will also be granted insight into my methods on how to build self-love, awareness, and confidence. As a special bonus, you’ll receive follow-up call(s) to check on your long-term progress.

What You’ll Lose

  • Self-Doubt
  • Fear of the Unknown
  • Indecision
  • Pessimism
  • Fixed Mindset

What You’ll Gain

  • Self-Confidence
  • Trust in your Intuition
  • A Path of Purpose
  • Self-Love
  • Growth Mindset

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching offers accountability and encouragement to those who want positive change in their lives. It’s a way to decide and work towards what you want in the present and future –not worry about what’s occurred in the past.

Is Life Coaching a Type of Therapy?

A life coach is not a licensed therapist and can’t conduct “counseling” or “therapy”. They are not trained to diagnose or treat any form of illness or trauma. However, life coaching is 100% focused on the client and their desires for the future.

Who Hires a Life Coach?

People who are ready to take action towards a more fulfilling life will benefit from having a life coach as part of their support system. Life coaches are there to assist those who are ready and willing to change.

How Do You Become Life Coach?

Life coaching is a non-regulated field, so anyone can become a certified life coach through various in person or online programs.

Keelan completed her life coaching certification with Transformation Academy. She also earned two Bachelor’s degrees from Augustana College in psychology and philosophy.

For further details about pricing offers, coaching session format, and meeting virtually online, please contact Coach Keelan via the contact page or at

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