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Are you ready to confront change and build a future that’s forged by you?! Then follow the steps below . . .

Step 1

Complete the contact form at the bottom of this page. Feel free to list which “Confusion to Confidence” coaching course might suit you best. Then you’ll receive an email from me so that we can schedule your free discovery call at your convenience.

Step 2

After the discovery call we’ll both decide if life coaching is the right step for you. If so, you’ll officially select your path to purpose and complete a client questionnaire. This is 100% confidential and will be used as the foundation for our sessions.

Step 3

Once your questionnaire is filled out we’ll set up a life coaching schedule that suits you. Then all that’s left is to decide what you really want out of life and let me help you get there!

Get ready to release what’s holding you back so that you can reach your highest potential!

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Where I Am: Vadstena, Sweden
Where I’m From: Gurnee, IL US
Where We Connect: Online Options