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Hello there! Whatever inkling or gut feeling has brought you here, trust it. I’m someone who’s lived most of my life following these internal instincts. And while it’s led me down challenging paths, I’ve always found new strength on the other side.

It wasn’t until I moved across the globe in 2019 that I finally set out to chase my dreams. Living a newly married life in a new country with a new language to learn tested my belief that “everything happens for a reason”. I was extremely unprepared for the mental and emotional toll it would take on me. (Never mind the additional toll of 2020).

Luckily I trusted my intuition and took all of my suffering as a sign to do something productive with it. And so, Reunite with You was born! I found a way to use my knowledge, experience, and introspection to bring about a collective call for inner change. Hopefully a change that illuminates the true you and all you’re meant to do!

Life coaching then became a way for me to expand on this ambition of mine and immediately impact people’s lives. Now I am ready to help you find your path of purpose and gain the confidence needed to proudly walk it and never look back!

My “Why”

When I was growing up I thought I would become anything from a teacher to a psychologist, and even part of a palliative care (end of life) team. But no matter what I wanted to do, I always knew who I wanted to be. I wanted to be someone that people could turn to. Especially during their darkest hours. I believed that my empathy and introverted disposition made me the perfect person to help others in any way that I could.

Yet I’ve struggled to always see the best in humanity. I have high expectations for how we should treat ourselves and one another. So many years ago I was more angry than accepting and let hate get the best of me. That is until I realized that any hatred I had was really just a lack of desired love. I wanted more from others, the world, and this life. Since I knew I could never force change on anyone, the only way to make amends was to mend myself.

Thus I was on a mission to become my best self! And to say farewell to the part of me that was easily affected by outside influences. During my 20’s I used all of the tools in my belt to slowly fight my fixed frame of mind. My backgrounds in psychology and philosophy laid the foundation, while my belief in spirituality and self help built the walls. But it was the final act of creating Reunite with You -following my intuition- that finished the roof. Now I can say I’ve found my way home. Back to the true me.

My “why” has always stayed the same: to help others. But now I know the bigger “why” -my new mission. I want to spend my days, months, and years sharing all that I’ve learned and listening to those it can benefit. I never want to return to accepting the world as it is. So I will keep working to help others see the possibilities -the way their lives could and should be.

My Wish for You

What makes you get out of bed and follow your routines day in and day out? Are you satisfied with things just staying the same? What is your “why”? As someone who’s questioned these aspects of existence, it’s better to wonder than to blindly accept an answer. Because believe it or not, your answer is the only one that matters. So tell me, what in your life is worth fighting for?

All it takes is one moment to decide that you deserve something more -something better than what you’re currently settling for. The change, challenge, or cross-roads you’re facing doesn’t have to break you. Instead, it can make you. If you can embrace your emotions and remain open to change, then you’re on your way to a total transformation! A complete shift that releases you from who you think you should be, to knowing who you are and will be.

While you may question what you read, there’s no conclusion or last chapter to spoil. The answers you’re looking for are found within the story, not in some final words of wisdom. So my wish for you is this: find the hidden lessons and wisdoms of your story. Only you have the insight and ability to answer your biggest questions. The answers have been inside of you all along, they just need to be revealed. If you allow me, I can help you peel back the layers until we unveil the true, limitless you and what you’re meant to do!

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